VLC  4.0.0-dev
missing.c File Reference

This file contains dummy replacement API for disabled features. More...

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noreturn int sout_AccessOutControl (sout_access_out_t *out, int query,...)
noreturn void sout_AccessOutDelete (sout_access_out_t *out)
sout_access_out_tsout_AccessOutNew (vlc_object_t *obj, const char *access, const char *name)
noreturn ssize_t sout_AccessOutRead (sout_access_out_t *out, block_t *block)
noreturn int sout_AccessOutSeek (sout_access_out_t *out, off_t offset)
noreturn ssize_t sout_AccessOutWrite (sout_access_out_t *out, block_t *block)
session_descriptor_tsout_AnnounceRegisterSDP (vlc_object_t *obj, const char *sdp, const char *dst)
noreturn void sout_AnnounceUnRegister (vlc_object_t *obj, session_descriptor_t *d)
encoder_tsout_EncoderCreate (vlc_object_t *p_this, size_t owner_size)
noreturn sout_input_tsout_MuxAddStream (sout_mux_t *mux, const es_format_t *fmt)
noreturn void sout_MuxDelete (sout_mux_t *mux)
noreturn void sout_MuxDeleteStream (sout_mux_t *mux, sout_input_t *input)
noreturn int sout_MuxGetStream (sout_mux_t *mux, unsigned n, vlc_tick_t *date)
noreturn sout_mux_tsout_MuxNew (sout_access_out_t *out, const char *mux)
noreturn int sout_MuxSendBuffer (sout_mux_t *mux, sout_input_t *input, block_t *block)
noreturn void sout_MuxFlush (sout_mux_t *mux, sout_input_t *input)
noreturn void sout_StreamChainDelete (sout_stream_t *first, sout_stream_t *end)
noreturn sout_stream_tsout_StreamChainNew (vlc_object_t *sout, const char *chain, sout_stream_t *next)
int vlc_sdp_Start (struct vlc_memstream *sdp, vlc_object_t *obj, const char *cfg, const struct sockaddr *src, size_t srclen, const struct sockaddr *addr, size_t addrlen)
noreturn int vlm_Control (vlm_t *vlm, int query,...)
noreturn void vlm_Delete (vlm_t *vlm)
noreturn int vlm_ExecuteCommand (vlm_t *vlm, const char *cmd, vlm_message_t **pm)
noreturn vlm_message_tvlm_MessageAdd (vlm_message_t *a, vlm_message_t *b)
noreturn void vlm_MessageDelete (vlm_message_t *m)
vlm_message_tvlm_MessageSimpleNew (const char *a)
vlm_message_tvlm_MessageNew (const char *a, const char *fmt,...)
vlm_tvlm_New (libvlc_int_t *obj, const char *file)
update_t *() update_New (vlc_object_t *obj)
 Create a new update VLC struct. More...
noreturn void update_Delete (update_t *u)
 Delete an update_t struct. More...
noreturn void update_Check (update_t *u, void(*cb)(void *, bool), void *opaque)
 Check for updates. More...
noreturn bool update_NeedUpgrade (update_t *u)
noreturn void update_Download (update_t *u, const char *dir)
 Download the file given in the update_t. More...
noreturn update_release_tupdate_GetRelease (update_t *u)
noreturn void vlc_control_cancel (vlc_cleanup_t *cleaner)
 Internal handler for thread cancellation. More...
int vlc_spawn (pid_t *pid, const char *file, const int *fds, const char *const *args)
 Spawn a child process (by file name). More...
int vlc_spawnp (pid_t *pid, const char *path, const int *fds, const char *const *args)
 Spawn a child process. More...
int vlc_waitpid (pid_t pid)
 Waits for a child process. More...

Detailed Description

This file contains dummy replacement API for disabled features.

Function Documentation

◆ vlc_sdp_Start()

int vlc_sdp_Start ( struct vlc_memstream sdp,
vlc_object_t obj,
const char *  cfg,
const struct sockaddr *  src,
size_t  srclen,
const struct sockaddr *  addr,
size_t  addrlen 

References VLC_UNUSED.