VLC 4.0.0-dev
httpd_stream_t Struct Reference
Collaboration diagram for httpd_stream_t:

Data Fields

vlc_mutex_t lock
char * psz_mime
uint8_t * p_header
int i_header
bool b_has_keyframes
int64_t i_last_keyframe_seen_pos
int i_buffer_size
uint8_t * p_buffer
int64_t i_buffer_pos
int64_t i_buffer_last_pos
size_t i_http_headers

Field Documentation

◆ b_has_keyframes

bool httpd_stream_t::b_has_keyframes

◆ i_buffer_last_pos

int64_t httpd_stream_t::i_buffer_last_pos

◆ i_buffer_pos

int64_t httpd_stream_t::i_buffer_pos

◆ i_buffer_size

int httpd_stream_t::i_buffer_size

◆ i_header

int httpd_stream_t::i_header

◆ i_http_headers

size_t httpd_stream_t::i_http_headers

◆ i_last_keyframe_seen_pos

int64_t httpd_stream_t::i_last_keyframe_seen_pos

◆ lock

◆ p_buffer

uint8_t* httpd_stream_t::p_buffer

◆ p_header

uint8_t* httpd_stream_t::p_header

◆ p_http_headers

◆ psz_mime

char* httpd_stream_t::psz_mime

◆ url

httpd_url_t* httpd_stream_t::url

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