VLC  4.0.0-dev
libvlc_video_viewpoint_t Struct Reference

Viewpoint. More...

Data Fields

float f_yaw
 view point yaw in degrees ]-180;180] More...
float f_pitch
 view point pitch in degrees ]-90;90] More...
float f_roll
 view point roll in degrees ]-180;180] More...
float f_field_of_view
 field of view in degrees ]0;180[ (default 80.) More...

Detailed Description


allocate using libvlc_video_new_viewpoint()

Field Documentation

◆ f_field_of_view

float libvlc_video_viewpoint_t::f_field_of_view

field of view in degrees ]0;180[ (default 80.)

◆ f_pitch

float libvlc_video_viewpoint_t::f_pitch

view point pitch in degrees ]-90;90]

◆ f_roll

float libvlc_video_viewpoint_t::f_roll

view point roll in degrees ]-180;180]

◆ f_yaw

float libvlc_video_viewpoint_t::f_yaw

view point yaw in degrees ]-180;180]

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