VLC  4.0.0-dev
Data Fields
module_config_t Struct Reference

Configuration item. More...

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Data Fields

uint8_t i_type
 Configuration type. More...
char i_short
 Optional short option name. More...
unsigned b_internal:1
 Hidden from preferences and help. More...
unsigned b_unsaveable:1
 Not stored in configuration. More...
unsigned b_safe:1
 Safe for web plugins and playlist files. More...
unsigned b_removed:1
 Obsolete. More...
const char * psz_type
 Configuration subtype. More...
const char * psz_name
 Option name. More...
const char * psz_text
 Short comment on the configuration option. More...
const char * psz_longtext
 Long comment on the configuration option. More...
module_value_t value
 Current value. More...
module_value_t orig
 Default value. More...
module_value_t min
 Minimum value (for scalars only) More...
module_value_t max
 Maximum value (for scalars only) More...
uint16_t list_count
 Choices count. More...
union {
   const char **   psz
 Table of possible string choices. More...
   const int *   i
 Table of possible integer choices. More...
 Possible choices. More...
const char ** list_text
 Human-readable names for list values. More...
void * owner
 Origin run-time linker module handle. More...

Detailed Description

Configuration item.

This is the internal reprensation of a configuration item. See also config_FindConfig().

Field Documentation

◆ b_internal

unsigned module_config_t::b_internal

Hidden from preferences and help.

Referenced by module_config_get(), and vlc_plugin_desc_cb().

◆ b_removed

unsigned module_config_t::b_removed

◆ b_safe

unsigned module_config_t::b_safe

Safe for web plugins and playlist files.

Referenced by config_IsSafe(), and vlc_plugin_desc_cb().

◆ b_unsaveable

unsigned module_config_t::b_unsaveable

Not stored in configuration.

Referenced by config_LoadConfigFile(), config_SaveConfigFile(), and vlc_plugin_desc_cb().

◆ i

const int* module_config_t::i

Table of possible integer choices.

Referenced by config_GetIntChoices(), vlc_plugin_desc_cb(), and vout_InitInterlacingSupport().

◆ i_short

char module_config_t::i_short

Optional short option name.

Referenced by config_LoadCmdLine(), print_item(), and vlc_plugin_desc_cb().

◆ i_type

uint8_t module_config_t::i_type

◆ list

union { ... } module_config_t::list

◆ list_count

uint16_t module_config_t::list_count

◆ list_text

const char** module_config_t::list_text

◆ max

module_value_t module_config_t::max

◆ min

module_value_t module_config_t::min

◆ orig

module_value_t module_config_t::orig

◆ owner

void* module_config_t::owner

Origin run-time linker module handle.

Referenced by config_GetIntChoices(), config_GetPszChoices(), and vlc_config_create().

◆ psz

const char** module_config_t::psz

Table of possible string choices.

Referenced by aout_New(), config_Free(), config_GetPszChoices(), vlc_plugin_desc_cb(), and vout_InitInterlacingSupport().

◆ psz_longtext

const char* module_config_t::psz_longtext

Long comment on the configuration option.

Referenced by print_item(), print_section(), and vlc_plugin_desc_cb().

◆ psz_name

const char* module_config_t::psz_name

◆ psz_text

const char* module_config_t::psz_text

Short comment on the configuration option.

Referenced by config_SaveConfigFile(), print_item(), print_section(), and vlc_plugin_desc_cb().

◆ psz_type

const char* module_config_t::psz_type

Configuration subtype.

Referenced by config_GetPszChoices(), and vlc_plugin_desc_cb().

◆ value

module_value_t module_config_t::value

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