VLC  4.0.0-dev
Data Fields

Muxer structure. More...

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Data Fields

struct vlc_object_t obj
char * psz_mux
int(* pf_addstream )(sout_mux_t *, sout_input_t *)
void(* pf_delstream )(sout_mux_t *, sout_input_t *)
int(* pf_mux )(sout_mux_t *)
int(* pf_control )(sout_mux_t *, int, va_list)
int i_nb_inputs
sout_input_t ** pp_inputs
void * p_sys
bool b_add_stream_any_time
bool b_waiting_stream
vlc_tick_t i_add_stream_start

Detailed Description

Muxer structure.

Field Documentation

◆ b_add_stream_any_time

bool sout_mux_t::b_add_stream_any_time

◆ b_waiting_stream

bool sout_mux_t::b_waiting_stream

◆ i_add_stream_start

vlc_tick_t sout_mux_t::i_add_stream_start

Referenced by sout_MuxNew(), and sout_MuxSendBuffer().

◆ i_nb_inputs

int sout_mux_t::i_nb_inputs

◆ obj

struct vlc_object_t sout_mux_t::obj

◆ p_access

sout_access_out_t* sout_mux_t::p_access

Referenced by sout_MuxNew().

◆ p_cfg

config_chain_t* sout_mux_t::p_cfg

Referenced by sout_MuxDelete(), and sout_MuxNew().

◆ p_module

module_t* sout_mux_t::p_module

Referenced by sout_MuxDelete(), and sout_MuxNew().

◆ p_sys

void* sout_mux_t::p_sys

Referenced by sout_MuxNew().

◆ pf_addstream

int(* sout_mux_t::pf_addstream) (sout_mux_t *, sout_input_t *)

Referenced by sout_MuxAddStream(), and sout_MuxNew().

◆ pf_control

int(* sout_mux_t::pf_control) (sout_mux_t *, int, va_list)

Referenced by sout_MuxControl(), and sout_MuxNew().

◆ pf_delstream

void(* sout_mux_t::pf_delstream) (sout_mux_t *, sout_input_t *)

◆ pf_mux

int(* sout_mux_t::pf_mux) (sout_mux_t *)

◆ pp_inputs

sout_input_t** sout_mux_t::pp_inputs

◆ psz_mux

char* sout_mux_t::psz_mux

Referenced by sout_MuxDelete(), and sout_MuxNew().

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