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Data Fields
text_segment_t Struct Reference

Text segment for subtitles. More...

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Data Fields

char * psz_text
 text string of the segment More...
 style applied to this segment More...
 next segment More...
 ruby descriptions More...

Detailed Description

Text segment for subtitles.

This structure is used to store a formatted text, with mixed styles Every segment is comprised of one text and a unique style

On style change, a new segment is created with the next part of text and the new style, and chained to the list

Create with text_segment_New and clean the chain with text_segment_ChainDelete

Field Documentation

◆ p_next

text_segment_t* text_segment_t::p_next

◆ p_ruby

text_segment_ruby_t* text_segment_t::p_ruby

ruby descriptions

Referenced by text_segment_Copy(), text_segment_Delete(), and text_segment_FromRuby().

◆ psz_text

char* text_segment_t::psz_text

text string of the segment

Referenced by text_segment_Copy(), text_segment_Delete(), text_segment_FromRuby(), and text_segment_New().

◆ style

text_style_t* text_segment_t::style

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