VLC 4.0.0-dev
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#include <h2frame.h>

Data Fields

void(* setting )(void *ctx, uint_fast16_t id, uint_fast32_t value)
int(* settings_done )(void *ctx)
int(* ping )(void *ctx, uint_fast64_t opaque)
void(* error )(void *ctx, uint_fast32_t code)
int(* reset )(void *ctx, uint_fast32_t last_seq, uint_fast32_t code)
void(* window_status )(void *ctx, uint32_t *restrict rcwd)
void(* window_update )(void *ctx, uint_fast32_t credit)
void *(* stream_lookup )(void *ctx, uint_fast32_t id)
int(* stream_error )(void *ctx, uint_fast32_t id, uint_fast32_t code)
void(* stream_headers )(void *ctx, unsigned count, const char *const headers[][2])
int(* stream_data )(void *ctx, struct vlc_h2_frame *f)
void(* stream_end )(void *ctx)
int(* stream_reset )(void *ctx, uint_fast32_t code)
void(* stream_window_update )(void *ctx, uint_fast32_t credit)

Field Documentation

◆ error

void(* vlc_h2_parser_cbs::error) (void *ctx, uint_fast32_t code)

◆ ping

int(* vlc_h2_parser_cbs::ping) (void *ctx, uint_fast64_t opaque)

◆ reset

int(* vlc_h2_parser_cbs::reset) (void *ctx, uint_fast32_t last_seq, uint_fast32_t code)

◆ setting

void(* vlc_h2_parser_cbs::setting) (void *ctx, uint_fast16_t id, uint_fast32_t value)

◆ settings_done

int(* vlc_h2_parser_cbs::settings_done) (void *ctx)

◆ stream_data

int(* vlc_h2_parser_cbs::stream_data) (void *ctx, struct vlc_h2_frame *f)

◆ stream_end

void(* vlc_h2_parser_cbs::stream_end) (void *ctx)

◆ stream_error

int(* vlc_h2_parser_cbs::stream_error) (void *ctx, uint_fast32_t id, uint_fast32_t code)

◆ stream_headers

void(* vlc_h2_parser_cbs::stream_headers) (void *ctx, unsigned count, const char *const headers[][2])

◆ stream_lookup

void *(* vlc_h2_parser_cbs::stream_lookup) (void *ctx, uint_fast32_t id)

◆ stream_reset

int(* vlc_h2_parser_cbs::stream_reset) (void *ctx, uint_fast32_t code)

◆ stream_window_update

void(* vlc_h2_parser_cbs::stream_window_update) (void *ctx, uint_fast32_t credit)

◆ window_status

void(* vlc_h2_parser_cbs::window_status) (void *ctx, uint32_t *restrict rcwd)

◆ window_update

void(* vlc_h2_parser_cbs::window_update) (void *ctx, uint_fast32_t credit)

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