VLC 4.0.0-dev
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Keystore entry returned by vlc_keystore_find() More...

#include <vlc_keystore.h>

Data Fields

char * ppsz_values [KEY_MAX]
 Set of key/values.
uint8_t * p_secret
 Secret password.
size_t i_secret_len
 Length of the secret.

Detailed Description

Keystore entry returned by vlc_keystore_find()

Field Documentation

◆ i_secret_len

size_t vlc_keystore_entry::i_secret_len

Length of the secret.

Referenced by credential_find_keystore(), and vlc_keystore_entry_set_secret().

◆ p_secret

uint8_t* vlc_keystore_entry::p_secret

◆ ppsz_values

char* vlc_keystore_entry::ppsz_values[KEY_MAX]

Set of key/values.

Values can be NULL

Referenced by credential_find_keystore(), find_closest_path(), and vlc_keystore_release_entry().

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