VLC  4.0.0-dev
Data Fields
vlc_player_timer_source Struct Reference
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Data Fields

struct vlc_list listeners
struct vlc_player_timer_point point
union {
   struct {
      unsigned long   last_framenum
      unsigned   frame_rate
      unsigned   frame_rate_base
      unsigned   frame_resolution
      unsigned   df_fps
      int   df
      int   frames_per_10mins
   }   smpte

Field Documentation

◆ @112

union { ... }

◆ df

int vlc_player_timer_source::df

◆ df_fps

unsigned vlc_player_timer_source::df_fps

◆ es

vlc_es_id_t* vlc_player_timer_source::es

◆ frame_rate

unsigned vlc_player_timer_source::frame_rate

Referenced by vlc_player_UpdateTimer().

◆ frame_rate_base

unsigned vlc_player_timer_source::frame_rate_base

Referenced by vlc_player_UpdateTimer().

◆ frame_resolution

unsigned vlc_player_timer_source::frame_resolution

◆ frames_per_10mins

int vlc_player_timer_source::frames_per_10mins

◆ last_framenum

unsigned long vlc_player_timer_source::last_framenum

◆ listeners

struct vlc_list vlc_player_timer_source::listeners

◆ point

struct vlc_player_timer_point vlc_player_timer_source::point

◆ smpte

struct { ... } vlc_player_timer_source::smpte

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