VLC 4.0.0-dev
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vlc_rtp_pt_owner_operations Struct Reference

RTP payload type owner operations. More...

#include <rtp.h>

Collaboration diagram for vlc_rtp_pt_owner_operations:

Data Fields

struct vlc_rtp_es *(* request_es )(struct vlc_rtp_pt *pt, const es_format_t *restrict fmt)
struct vlc_rtp_es *(* request_mux )(struct vlc_rtp_pt *pt, const char *name)

Detailed Description

RTP payload type owner operations.

This structures contains the callbacks provided by an RTP payload type owner (vlc_rtp_pt_owner).

Field Documentation

◆ request_es

struct vlc_rtp_es *(* vlc_rtp_pt_owner_operations::request_es) (struct vlc_rtp_pt *pt, const es_format_t *restrict fmt)

Referenced by vlc_rtp_pt_request_es().

◆ request_mux

struct vlc_rtp_es *(* vlc_rtp_pt_owner_operations::request_mux) (struct vlc_rtp_pt *pt, const char *name)

Referenced by vlc_rtp_pt_request_mux().

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