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Transport layer socket. More...

#include <vlc_tls.h>

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Data Fields

const struct vlc_tls_operationsops
 Callbacks to operate on the stream.
struct vlc_tlsp

Detailed Description

Transport layer socket.

Transport layer sockets are full-duplex, meaning data can be sent and received at the same time. As such, it is permitted for two threads to use the same TLS simultaneously, if one thread is receiving data while the other is sending data. However receiving or sending data from two threads concurrently is undefined behaviour.

The following functions are treated as sending data:

The following functions are treated as receiving data:

Field Documentation

◆ ops

◆ p

struct vlc_tls* vlc_tls::p


Pointer to the underlying stream, or NULL if none.

Referenced by vlc_https_connect_proxy(), vlc_tls_ClientSessionCreate(), vlc_tls_Close(), vlc_tls_ServerSessionCreate(), and vlc_tls_SocketAlloc().

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