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transport.h File Reference
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struct vlc_tlsvlc_https_connect (struct vlc_tls_client *creds, const char *name, unsigned port, bool *restrict two)
struct vlc_tlsvlc_https_connect_proxy (void *ctx, struct vlc_tls_client *creds, const char *name, unsigned port, bool *restrict two, const char *proxy)
bool vlc_http_port_blocked (unsigned port)

Function Documentation

◆ vlc_http_port_blocked()

bool vlc_http_port_blocked ( unsigned  port)

References ARRAY_SIZE, blocked_ports, and portcmp().

Referenced by vlc_http_mgr_request().

◆ vlc_https_connect()

struct vlc_tls * vlc_https_connect ( struct vlc_tls_client creds,
const char *  name,
unsigned  port,
bool *restrict  two 

◆ vlc_https_connect_proxy()