VLC 4.0.0-dev
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vlm_internal.h File Reference
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Data Structures

struct  vlm_media_instance_sys_t
struct  vlm_media_sys_t
struct  vlm_schedule_sys_t
struct  vlm_t


int vlm_ControlInternal (vlm_t *p_vlm, int i_query,...)
int ExecuteCommand (vlm_t *, const char *, vlm_message_t **)
void vlm_ScheduleDelete (vlm_t *vlm, vlm_schedule_sys_t *sched)

Function Documentation

◆ ExecuteCommand()

int ExecuteCommand ( vlm_t ,
const char *  ,
vlm_message_t **   

Referenced by Manage(), and vlm_ExecuteCommand().

◆ vlm_ControlInternal()

int vlm_ControlInternal ( vlm_t p_vlm,
int  i_query,

◆ vlm_ScheduleDelete()

void vlm_ScheduleDelete ( vlm_t vlm,
vlm_schedule_sys_t sched