VLC 4.0.0-dev
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conn.h File Reference

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Data Structures

struct  vlc_http_conn_cbs
struct  vlc_http_conn


static struct vlc_http_streamvlc_http_stream_open (struct vlc_http_conn *conn, const struct vlc_http_msg *m, bool has_data)
static void vlc_http_conn_release (struct vlc_http_conn *conn)
void vlc_http_err (void *, const char *msg,...) VLC_FORMAT(2
void void vlc_http_dbg (void *, const char *msg,...) VLC_FORMAT(2
struct vlc_http_connvlc_h1_conn_create (void *ctx, struct vlc_tls *, bool proxy)
struct vlc_http_streamvlc_chunked_open (struct vlc_http_stream *, struct vlc_tls *)
ssize_t vlc_https_chunked_write (struct vlc_tls *, const void *base, size_t len, bool eos)
struct vlc_http_streamvlc_h1_request (void *ctx, const char *hostname, unsigned port, bool proxy, const struct vlc_http_msg *req, bool idempotent, bool has_data, struct vlc_http_conn **restrict connp)
 Sends an HTTP/1.x request through a new connection.
struct vlc_http_connvlc_h2_conn_create (void *ctx, struct vlc_tls *)