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cpu.c File Reference
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unsigned vlc_CPU_raw (void)
 Determines the CPU capabilities.
unsigned vlc_CPU (void)
 Retrieves CPU capability flags.
void vlc_CPU_dump (vlc_object_t *obj)
void vlc_CPU_functions_init (const char *capability, void *restrict funcs)
 Initialises DSP functions.

Function Documentation

◆ vlc_CPU()

unsigned vlc_CPU ( void  )

Retrieves CPU capability flags.

References unlikely, and vlc_CPU_raw().

◆ vlc_CPU_dump()

◆ vlc_CPU_functions_init()

void vlc_CPU_functions_init ( const char *  name,
void *restrict  funcs 

Initialises DSP functions.

This helper looks for accelerated Digital Signal Processing functions identified by the supplied type name. Those functions ares typically implemented using architecture-specific assembler code with Single Instruction Multiple Data (SIMD) opcodes for faster processing.

The exact purposes and semantics of the DSP functions is uniquely identified by a nul-terminated string.

This function should not be used directly. It is recommended to use the convenience wrapper vlc_CPU_functions_init_once() instead.
namenul-terminated type identifier (cannot be NULL)
[in,out]funcstype-specific data structure to be initialised

References init, likely, vlc_module_map(), and vlc_module_match().

Referenced by vlc_CPU_functions_init_once().

◆ vlc_CPU_raw()

unsigned vlc_CPU_raw ( void  )

Determines the CPU capabilities.

Computes CPU capability flags.

Referenced by vlc_CPU().