VLC  4.0.0-dev
mtime.c File Reference
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char * vlc_tick_to_str (char *psz_buffer, vlc_tick_t ticks)
 Convert seconds to a time in the format h:mm:ss. More...
void date_Init (date_t *p_date, uint32_t i_divider_n, uint32_t i_divider_d)
void date_Change (date_t *p_date, uint32_t i_divider_n, uint32_t i_divider_d)
vlc_tick_t date_Increment (date_t *p_date, uint32_t i_nb_samples)
vlc_tick_t date_Decrement (date_t *p_date, uint32_t i_nb_samples)
uint64_t NTPtime64 (void)
struct timespec timespec_from_vlc_tick (vlc_tick_t date)

Function Documentation

◆ date_Change()

void date_Change ( date_t p_date,
uint32_t  i_divider_n,
uint32_t  i_divider_d 

◆ date_Decrement()

vlc_tick_t date_Decrement ( date_t p_date,
uint32_t  i_nb_samples 

◆ date_Increment()

vlc_tick_t date_Increment ( date_t p_date,
uint32_t  i_nb_samples 

◆ date_Init()

void date_Init ( date_t p_date,
uint32_t  i_divider_n,
uint32_t  i_divider_d 

◆ NTPtime64()

uint64_t NTPtime64 ( void  )
NTP 64-bits timestamp in host byte order.

References TIME_UTC, timespec_get(), timespec::tv_nsec, and timespec::tv_sec.

Referenced by vlc_rand_bytes().

◆ timespec_from_vlc_tick()

struct timespec timespec_from_vlc_tick ( vlc_tick_t  date)

◆ vlc_tick_to_str()

char* vlc_tick_to_str ( char *  psz_buffer,
vlc_tick_t  ticks 

Convert seconds to a time in the format h:mm:ss.

This function is provided for any interface function which need to print a time string in the format h:mm:ss date.

ticksthe time to be converted
psz_buffershould be a buffer at least MSTRTIME_MAX_SIZE characters
psz_buffer is returned so this can be used as printf parameter.

References MSTRTIME_MAX_SIZE, SEC_FROM_VLC_TICK, and unlikely.

Referenced by input_title_GetName(), and vlc_player_osd_Position().