VLC 4.0.0-dev
title.c File Reference
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struct vlc_player_title_listvlc_player_title_list_Hold (struct vlc_player_title_list *titles)
 Hold the title list of the player. More...
void vlc_player_title_list_Release (struct vlc_player_title_list *titles)
 Release of previously held title list. More...
static char * input_title_GetName (const struct input_title_t *input_title, int idx, int title_offset)
static char * seekpoint_GetName (seekpoint_t *seekpoint, int idx, int chapter_offset)
struct vlc_player_title_listvlc_player_title_list_Create (input_title_t *const *array, size_t count, int title_offset, int chapter_offset)
const struct vlc_player_titlevlc_player_title_list_GetAt (struct vlc_player_title_list *titles, size_t idx)
 Get the title at a given index. More...
size_t vlc_player_title_list_GetCount (struct vlc_player_title_list *titles)
 Get the number of title of a list. More...

Function Documentation

◆ input_title_GetName()

static char * input_title_GetName ( const struct input_title_t input_title,
int  idx,
int  title_offset 

◆ seekpoint_GetName()

static char * seekpoint_GetName ( seekpoint_t seekpoint,
int  idx,
int  chapter_offset 

◆ vlc_player_title_list_Create()