VLC  4.0.0-dev
stats.c File Reference
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static void input_rate_Init (input_rate_t *rate)
 Create a statistics counter. More...
static float stats_GetRate (const input_rate_t *rate)
struct input_statsinput_stats_Create (void)
void input_stats_Destroy (struct input_stats *stats)
void input_stats_Compute (struct input_stats *stats, input_stats_t *st)
void input_rate_Add (input_rate_t *counter, uintmax_t val)
 Update a counter element with new values. More...

Function Documentation

◆ input_rate_Add()

void input_rate_Add ( input_rate_t counter,
uintmax_t  val 

Update a counter element with new values.

p_counterthe counter to update
valthe vlc_value union containing the new value to aggregate. For more information on how data is aggregated,
See also

References input_rate_t::date, input_rate_t::lock, input_rate_t::samples, input_rate_t::updates, input_rate_t::value, vlc_mutex_lock(), vlc_mutex_unlock(), VLC_TICK_FROM_SEC, VLC_TICK_INVALID, and vlc_tick_now().

Referenced by AStreamReadBlock(), AStreamReadStream(), and EsOutSend().

◆ input_rate_Init()

static void input_rate_Init ( input_rate_t rate)

◆ input_stats_Compute()

void input_stats_Compute ( struct input_stats stats,
input_stats_t st 

◆ input_stats_Create()

struct input_stats* input_stats_Create ( void  )

◆ input_stats_Destroy()

void input_stats_Destroy ( struct input_stats stats)

Referenced by Destroy().

◆ stats_GetRate()

static float stats_GetRate ( const input_rate_t rate)