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Data Structures

struct  stream_extractor_private




static char * StreamExtractorCreateMRL (char const *base, char const *subentry)
 Create an MRL for a specific sub-entry. More...
static void se_Release (struct stream_extractor_private *priv)
 Release the private data associated with a stream-extractor. More...
static int se_AttachWrapper (struct stream_extractor_private *priv, stream_t *source)
 Create the public stream_t that wraps a stream-extractor. More...
static int StreamExtractorAttach (stream_t **source, char const *identifier, char const *module_name)
int vlc_stream_directory_Attach (stream_t **source, char const *module_name)
int vlc_stream_extractor_Attach (stream_t **source, char const *identifier, char const *module_name)
int stream_extractor_AttachParsed (stream_t **source, char const *data, char const **out_extra)
 Attach Stream Extractors according to specified data. More...
char * vlc_stream_extractor_CreateMRL (stream_directory_t *directory, char const *subentry)
 Create a relative MRL for the associated entity. More...
Callbacks to forward work to the underlying stream-extractor
static void se_StreamDelete (stream_t *stream)
static ssize_t se_StreamRead (stream_t *stream, void *buf, size_t len)
static block_tse_StreamBlock (stream_t *stream, bool *eof)
static int se_StreamSeek (stream_t *stream, uint64_t offset)
static int se_ReadDir (stream_t *stream, input_item_node_t *node)
static int se_StreamControl (stream_t *stream, int req, va_list args)
static int se_DirControl (stream_t *stream, int req, va_list args)
stream-extractor resource handlers
static int se_InitStream (struct stream_extractor_private *priv, stream_t *s)
static void se_CleanStream (struct stream_extractor_private *priv)
static int se_InitDirectory (struct stream_extractor_private *priv, stream_t *s)

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