VLC 4.0.0-dev
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vlc_param Struct Reference

#include <configuration.h>

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Data Fields

union { 
   _Atomic int64_t   i 
 Current value (if integer or boolean) More...
   _Atomic float   f 
 Current value (if floating point) More...
   char *_Atomic   str 
 Current value (if character string) More...
struct vlc_plugin_towner
unsigned char shortname
 Optional short option name.
unsigned internal:1
 Hidden from preferences and help.
unsigned unsaved:1
 Not stored in persistent configuration.
unsigned safe:1
 Safe for untrusted provisioning (playlists)
unsigned obsolete:1
 Ignored for backward compatibility.
struct module_config_t item

Field Documentation

◆ f

_Atomic float vlc_param::f

Current value (if floating point)

Referenced by config_GetFloat(), config_LoadConfigFile(), config_PutFloat(), config_ResetAll(), and vlc_plugin_desc_cb().

◆ i

◆ internal

unsigned vlc_param::internal

Hidden from preferences and help.

Referenced by module_config_get(), and vlc_plugin_desc_cb().

◆ item

◆ obsolete

unsigned vlc_param::obsolete

◆ owner

struct vlc_plugin_t* vlc_param::owner

◆ safe

unsigned vlc_param::safe

Safe for untrusted provisioning (playlists)

Referenced by config_IsSafe(), and vlc_plugin_desc_cb().

◆ shortname

unsigned char vlc_param::shortname

Optional short option name.

Referenced by config_LoadCmdLine(), print_item(), and vlc_plugin_desc_cb().

◆ str

char* _Atomic vlc_param::str

Current value (if character string)

Referenced by config_Free(), config_GetPsz(), config_StringEscape(), vlc_config_create(), and vlc_param_SetString().

◆ unsaved

unsigned vlc_param::unsaved

Not stored in persistent configuration.

Referenced by config_LoadConfigFile(), and vlc_plugin_desc_cb().

◆ [union]

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