VLC  4.0.0-dev
Data Fields
vlc_player_program Struct Reference

Player program structure. More...

Data Fields

int group_id
 Id used for vlc_player_SelectProgram() More...
const char * name
 Program name, always valid. More...
bool selected
 True if the program is selected. More...
bool scrambled
 True if the program is scrambled. More...

Detailed Description

Player program structure.

Field Documentation

◆ group_id

int vlc_player_program::group_id

◆ name

const char* vlc_player_program::name

◆ scrambled

bool vlc_player_program::scrambled

True if the program is scrambled.

Referenced by vlc_player_input_HandleProgramEvent(), vlc_player_program_Dup(), and vlc_player_program_New().

◆ selected

bool vlc_player_program::selected

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