VLC  4.0.0-dev
Data Fields
vlc_player_timer_smpte_cbs Struct Reference

Player smpte timer callbacks. More...

Data Fields

void(* on_update )(const struct vlc_player_timer_smpte_timecode *tc, void *data)
 Called when a new frame is displayed. More...

Detailed Description

Player smpte timer callbacks.

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void(* vlc_player_timer_smpte_cbs::on_update) (const struct vlc_player_timer_smpte_timecode *tc, void *data)

Called when a new frame is displayed.

The player is not locked from this callback. It is forbidden to call any player functions from here.
tcalways valid, the timecode corresponding to the frame just displayed
dataopaque pointer set by vlc_player_AddTimer()

Referenced by vlc_player_SendSmpteTimerSourceUpdates().

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