VLC  4.0.0-dev
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vlc_objects.h File Reference

Common VLC object defintions. More...

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Data Structures

struct  vlc_object_t
 VLC object common members. More...
struct  libvlc_int_t


#define VLC_OBJECT(x)
 Type-safe vlc_object_t cast. More...
#define vlc_object_cast(t)
#define vlc_object_delete(obj)   vlc_object_delete(VLC_OBJECT(obj))
#define vlc_object_parent(o)   vlc_object_parent(VLC_OBJECT(o))
#define vlc_object_logger(o)   vlc_object_logger(VLC_OBJECT(o))
#define vlc_object_get_name(obj)   var_GetString(obj, "module-name")
 Tries to get the name of module bound to an object. More...
#define vlc_object_create(a, b)   vlc_object_create( VLC_OBJECT(a), b )
#define vlc_object_find_name(a, b)    vlc_object_find_name( VLC_OBJECT(a),b)
#define vlc_object_instance(o)   vlc_object_instance(VLC_OBJECT(o))


void * vlc_object_create (_Generic((vlc_object_t *) ->obj, struct vlc_object_marker *:(vlc_object_t *), default:(&((vlc_object_t *) ->obj))), size_t i_size)
 Allocates and initializes a vlc object. More...
void vlc_object_delete (_Generic((vlc_object_t *obj) ->obj, struct vlc_object_marker *:(vlc_object_t *obj), default:(&((vlc_object_t *obj) ->obj))))
 Drops the strong reference to an object. More...
size_t vlc_list_children (vlc_object_t *, vlc_object_t **, size_t)
const char * vlc_object_typename (const vlc_object_t *obj)
 Returns the object type name. More...
vlc_object_tvlc_object_parent (_Generic((vlc_object_t *obj) ->obj, struct vlc_object_marker *:(vlc_object_t *obj), default:(&((vlc_object_t *obj) ->obj))))
 Gets the parent of an object. More...
static struct vlc_loggervlc_object_logger (_Generic((vlc_object_t *obj) ->obj, struct vlc_object_marker *:(vlc_object_t *obj), default:(&((vlc_object_t *obj) ->obj))))
struct vlc_tracervlc_object_get_tracer (vlc_object_t *obj)
 Get tracer of a vlc instance from an object. More...
static libvlc_int_tvlc_object_instance (_Generic((vlc_object_t *obj) ->obj, struct vlc_object_marker *:(vlc_object_t *obj), default:(&((vlc_object_t *obj) ->obj))))
vout_thread_tvout_Hold (vout_thread_t *vout)
void vout_Release (vout_thread_t *vout)
audio_output_taout_Hold (audio_output_t *aout)
void aout_Release (audio_output_t *aout)
static void * vlc_object_hold (vlc_object_t *o)
static void vlc_object_release (vlc_object_t *o)
void * vlc_obj_malloc (vlc_object_t *obj, size_t size)
 Allocates memory for a module. More...
void * vlc_obj_calloc (vlc_object_t *obj, size_t nmemb, size_t size)
 Allocates a zero-initialized table for a module. More...
char * vlc_obj_strdup (vlc_object_t *obj, const char *str)
 Duplicates a string for a module. More...
void vlc_obj_free (vlc_object_t *obj, void *ptr)
 Manually frees module memory. More...

Detailed Description

Common VLC object defintions.