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vlc_stream_extractor.h File Reference
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Data Structures

struct  stream_extractor_t
struct  stream_directory_t


#define vlc_stream_NewMRL(a, b)   vlc_stream_NewMRL(VLC_OBJECT(a), b)


typedef struct stream_extractor_t stream_extractor_t
typedef struct stream_directory_t stream_directory_t


VLC_EXPORT stream_tvlc_stream_NewMRL (vlc_object_t *obj, const char *mrl)
 Create a stream for the data referred to by a Media Resource Locator (MRL). More...
VLC_EXPORT char * vlc_stream_extractor_CreateMRL (stream_directory_t *, char const *subentry)
 Create a relative MRL for the associated entity. More...
Attach a stream-extractor to the passed stream

These functions are used to attach a stream extractor to an already existing stream.

As hinted by their names, vlc_stream_extractor_Attach will attach an entity-extractor, whereas vlc_stream_directory_Attach will attach a stream-directory.

[out]streama pointer-to-pointer to stream, *stream will refer to the attached stream on success, and left untouched on failure.
identifier(if present) NULL or a c-style string referring to the desired entity
module_nameNULL or an explicit stream-extractor module name
VLC_SUCCESS if a stream-extractor was successfully attached, an error-code on failure.
VLC_EXPORT int vlc_stream_extractor_Attach (stream_t **source, char const *identifier, char const *module_name)
VLC_EXPORT int vlc_stream_directory_Attach (stream_t **source, char const *module_name)