VLC 4.0.0-dev

Helper functions for nul-terminated strings. More...

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typedef struct vlc_player_t vlc_player_t


static int vlc_ascii_toupper (int c)
static int vlc_ascii_tolower (int c)
static int vlc_ascii_strcasecmp (const char *psz1, const char *psz2)
 Compare two ASCII strings ignoring case. More...
static int vlc_ascii_strncasecmp (const char *psz1, const char *psz2, size_t n)
void vlc_xml_decode (char *str)
 Decodes XML entities. More...
char * vlc_xml_encode (const char *str)
 Encodes XML entities. More...
void vlc_hex_encode_binary (const void *input, size_t size, char *output)
 Encode binary data as hex string. More...
char * vlc_b64_encode_binary (const void *base, size_t length)
 Base64 encoding. More...
char * vlc_b64_encode (const char *str)
 Base64 encoding (string). More...
size_t vlc_b64_decode_binary_to_buffer (void *p_dst, size_t i_dst_max, const char *psz_src)
size_t vlc_b64_decode_binary (uint8_t **pp_dst, const char *psz_src)
char * vlc_b64_decode (const char *psz_src)
char * vlc_strftime (const char *)
 Convenience wrapper for strftime(). More...
char * vlc_strfplayer (vlc_player_t *player, input_item_t *item, const char *fmt)
 Formats input meta-data. More...
static char * str_format (vlc_player_t *player, input_item_t *item, const char *fmt)
int vlc_filenamecmp (const char *, const char *)
void filename_sanitize (char *)
 Sanitize a file name. More...

Detailed Description

Helper functions for nul-terminated strings.