VLC  4.0.0-dev
fetcher.h File Reference
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typedef struct input_fetcher_t input_fetcher_t
 Fetcher opaque structure. More...


input_fetcher_tinput_fetcher_New (vlc_object_t *)
 This function creates the fetcher object and thread. More...
int input_fetcher_Push (input_fetcher_t *, input_item_t *, input_item_meta_request_option_t, const input_fetcher_callbacks_t *, void *)
 This function enqueues the provided item to be art fetched. More...
void input_fetcher_Delete (input_fetcher_t *)
 This function destroys the fetcher object and thread. More...

Typedef Documentation

◆ input_fetcher_t

Fetcher opaque structure.

The fetcher object will retrieve the art album data for any given input item in an asynchronous way.

Function Documentation

◆ input_fetcher_Delete()

void input_fetcher_Delete ( input_fetcher_t fetcher)

◆ input_fetcher_New()

◆ input_fetcher_Push()

int input_fetcher_Push ( input_fetcher_t fetcher,
input_item_t item,
input_item_meta_request_option_t  options,
const input_fetcher_callbacks_t cbs,
void *  cbs_userdata 

This function enqueues the provided item to be art fetched.

The input item is retained until the art fetching is done or until the fetcher object is destroyed.

References task::cbs, task::executor, input_fetcher_t::executor_local, input_fetcher_t::executor_network, task::fetcher, task::item, META_REQUEST_OPTION_FETCH_ANY, META_REQUEST_OPTION_FETCH_LOCAL, task::options, and Submit().

Referenced by Fetch(), and input_preparser_fetcher_Push().