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#define vlc_http_file_get_status   vlc_http_res_get_status
#define vlc_http_file_get_redirect   vlc_http_res_get_redirect
#define vlc_http_file_get_type   vlc_http_res_get_type
#define vlc_http_file_destroy   vlc_http_res_destroy


struct vlc_http_resourcevlc_http_file_create (struct vlc_http_mgr *mgr, const char *url, const char *ua, const char *ref)
 Creates an HTTP file. More...
uintmax_t vlc_http_file_get_size (struct vlc_http_resource *)
 Gets file size. More...
bool vlc_http_file_can_seek (struct vlc_http_resource *)
 Checks seeking support. More...
int vlc_http_file_seek (struct vlc_http_resource *, uintmax_t offset)
 Sets the read offset. More...
block_tvlc_http_file_read (struct vlc_http_resource *)
 Reads data. More...