VLC 4.0.0-dev
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meter.c File Reference
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Data Structures

struct  vlc_audio_meter_plugin


void() vlc_audio_meter_Init (struct vlc_audio_meter *meter, vlc_object_t *obj)
 Initialize the audio meter structure.
void vlc_audio_meter_Destroy (struct vlc_audio_meter *meter)
 Free allocated resource from the audio meter structure.
static void vlc_audio_meter_OnLoudnessChanged (filter_t *filter, const struct vlc_audio_loudness *loudness)
static filter_tvlc_audio_meter_CreatePluginFilter (struct vlc_audio_meter *meter, vlc_audio_meter_plugin *plugin)
vlc_audio_meter_pluginvlc_audio_meter_AddPlugin (struct vlc_audio_meter *meter, const char *chain, const struct vlc_audio_meter_plugin_owner *owner)
 Add an "audio meter" plugin.
void vlc_audio_meter_RemovePlugin (struct vlc_audio_meter *meter, vlc_audio_meter_plugin *plugin)
 Remove an "audio meter" plugin.
int vlc_audio_meter_Reset (struct vlc_audio_meter *meter, const audio_sample_format_t *fmt)
 Set or reset the audio format.
void vlc_audio_meter_Process (struct vlc_audio_meter *meter, block_t *block, vlc_tick_t date)
 Process an audio block.
void vlc_audio_meter_Flush (struct vlc_audio_meter *meter)
 Flush all "audio meter" plugins.

Function Documentation

◆ vlc_audio_meter_CreatePluginFilter()

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