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snapshot.h File Reference
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Data Structures

struct  vout_snapshot_save_cfg_t


typedef struct vout_snapshot vout_snapshot_t


vout_snapshot_tvout_snapshot_New (void)
void vout_snapshot_Destroy (vout_snapshot_t *)
void vout_snapshot_End (vout_snapshot_t *)
picture_tvout_snapshot_Get (vout_snapshot_t *, vlc_tick_t timeout)
bool vout_snapshot_IsRequested (vout_snapshot_t *)
 It tells if they are pending snapshot request. More...
void vout_snapshot_Set (vout_snapshot_t *, const video_format_t *, picture_t *)
 It set the picture used to create the snapshots. More...
char * vout_snapshot_GetDirectory (void)
 This function will return the directory used for snapshots. More...
int vout_snapshot_SaveImage (char **name, int *sequential, const block_t *image, vout_thread_t *p_vout, const vout_snapshot_save_cfg_t *cfg)
 This function will write an image to the disk an return the file name created. More...

Typedef Documentation

◆ vout_snapshot_t

Function Documentation

◆ vout_snapshot_Destroy()

void vout_snapshot_Destroy ( vout_snapshot_t snap)

◆ vout_snapshot_End()

void vout_snapshot_End ( vout_snapshot_t snap)

◆ vout_snapshot_Get()

picture_t* vout_snapshot_Get ( vout_snapshot_t snap,
vlc_tick_t  timeout 

◆ vout_snapshot_GetDirectory()

char* vout_snapshot_GetDirectory ( void  )

This function will return the directory used for snapshots.

References config_GetUserDir(), and VLC_PICTURES_DIR.

Referenced by VoutSaveSnapshot().

◆ vout_snapshot_IsRequested()

bool vout_snapshot_IsRequested ( vout_snapshot_t snap)

It tells if they are pending snapshot request.

References vout_snapshot::lock, vout_snapshot::request_count, vlc_mutex_trylock(), and vlc_mutex_unlock().

Referenced by PrerenderPicture().

◆ vout_snapshot_New()

vout_snapshot_t* vout_snapshot_New ( void  )

◆ vout_snapshot_SaveImage()

int vout_snapshot_SaveImage ( char **  name,
int *  sequential,
const block_t image,
vout_thread_t p_vout,
const vout_snapshot_save_cfg_t cfg 

◆ vout_snapshot_Set()

void vout_snapshot_Set ( vout_snapshot_t snap,
const video_format_t fmt,
picture_t picture 

It set the picture used to create the snapshots.

The given picture is cloned. If p_fmt is non NULL it will override the format of the p_picture (mainly used because of aspect/crop problems).

References picture_t::format, vout_snapshot::lock, vout_snapshot::pics, picture_Clone(), vout_snapshot::request_count, video_format_CopyCrop(), vlc_cond_broadcast(), vlc_mutex_lock(), vlc_mutex_unlock(), vlc_picture_chain_Append(), and vout_snapshot::wait.

Referenced by PrerenderPicture().