VLC  4.0.0-dev
aout_owner_t Struct Reference
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Data Fields

vlc_mutex_t lock
 Output plugin (or NULL if inactive) More...
bool bitexact
struct {
   vlc_mutex_t   lock
   struct vlc_list   list
   unsigned   count
struct {
   atomic_bool   update
   vlc_mutex_t   lock
   vlc_viewpoint_t   value
int requested_stereo_mode
 Requested stereo mode set by the user. More...
int requested_mix_mode
 Requested mix mode set by the user. More...
struct vlc_audio_meter meter
vlc_atomic_rc_t rc

Field Documentation

◆ bitexact

bool aout_owner_t::bitexact

◆ count

unsigned aout_owner_t::count


struct { ... } aout_owner_t::dev

◆ list

struct vlc_list aout_owner_t::list

◆ lock

◆ main_stream

◆ meter

◆ module

module_t* aout_owner_t::module

Output plugin (or NULL if inactive)

Referenced by aout_Destroy(), and aout_New().

◆ rc

vlc_atomic_rc_t aout_owner_t::rc

Referenced by aout_Hold(), aout_New(), and aout_Release().

◆ requested_mix_mode

int aout_owner_t::requested_mix_mode

Requested mix mode set by the user.

Referenced by aout_New(), aout_OutputNew(), and MixModeCallback().

◆ requested_stereo_mode

int aout_owner_t::requested_stereo_mode

Requested stereo mode set by the user.

Referenced by aout_New(), aout_PrepareStereoMode(), and StereoModeCallback().

◆ update

atomic_bool aout_owner_t::update

◆ value

vlc_viewpoint_t aout_owner_t::value


struct { ... } aout_owner_t::vp

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