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stream_output.c File Reference
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Data Structures

struct  mrl_t
struct  sout_packetizer_input_t
struct  sout_stream_private


#define sout_stream_priv(s)    container_of(s, struct sout_stream_private, stream)


static char * sout_stream_url_to_chain (bool, const char *)
static int mrl_Parse (mrl_t *p_mrl, const char *psz_mrl)
static void mrl_Clean (mrl_t *p_mrl)
sout_stream_tsout_NewInstance (vlc_object_t *p_parent, const char *psz_dest)
 Stream output instance.
sout_packetizer_input_tsout_InputNew (sout_stream_t *p_sout, const es_format_t *p_fmt, const char *es_id)
int sout_InputDelete (sout_stream_t *p_sout, sout_packetizer_input_t *p_input)
static int sout_InputControlVa (sout_stream_t *p_sout, sout_packetizer_input_t *p_input, int i_query, va_list args)
int sout_InputControl (sout_stream_t *p_sout, sout_packetizer_input_t *p_input, int i_query,...)
void sout_InputFlush (sout_stream_t *p_sout, sout_packetizer_input_t *p_input)
int sout_InputSendBuffer (sout_stream_t *p_sout, sout_packetizer_input_t *p_input, vlc_frame_t *frame)
sout_access_out_tsout_AccessOutNew (vlc_object_t *p_sout, const char *psz_access, const char *psz_name)
void sout_AccessOutDelete (sout_access_out_t *p_access)
int sout_AccessOutSeek (sout_access_out_t *p_access, uint64_t i_pos)
ssize_t sout_AccessOutRead (sout_access_out_t *p_access, block_t *p_buffer)
ssize_t sout_AccessOutWrite (sout_access_out_t *p_access, block_t *p_buffer)
int sout_AccessOutControl (sout_access_out_t *access, int query,...)
sout_mux_tsout_MuxNew (sout_access_out_t *p_access, const char *psz_mux)
void sout_MuxDelete (sout_mux_t *p_mux)
sout_input_tsout_MuxAddStream (sout_mux_t *p_mux, const es_format_t *p_fmt)
void sout_MuxDeleteStream (sout_mux_t *p_mux, sout_input_t *p_input)
int sout_MuxSendBuffer (sout_mux_t *p_mux, sout_input_t *p_input, block_t *p_buffer)
void sout_MuxFlush (sout_mux_t *p_mux, sout_input_t *p_input)
int sout_MuxGetStream (sout_mux_t *p_mux, unsigned i_blocks, vlc_tick_t *pi_dts)
static void sout_StreamLock (sout_stream_t *s)
static void sout_StreamUnlock (sout_stream_t *s)
void * sout_StreamIdAdd (sout_stream_t *s, const es_format_t *fmt, const char *es_id)
 Add an ES to the stream output.
void sout_StreamIdDel (sout_stream_t *s, void *id)
 Delete an ES from the stream output.
int sout_StreamIdSend (sout_stream_t *s, void *id, vlc_frame_t *f)
 Pass a vlc_frame_t to the stream output.
void sout_StreamFlush (sout_stream_t *s, void *id)
 Signal a flush of an ES to the stream output.
void sout_StreamSetPCR (sout_stream_t *s, vlc_tick_t pcr)
 Signal a PCR update to the stream output.
int sout_StreamControlVa (sout_stream_t *s, int i_query, va_list args)
static void sout_StreamDelete (sout_stream_t *p_stream)
vlc_clock_main_tsout_ClockMainCreate (sout_stream_t *p_stream)
void sout_ClockMainDelete (vlc_clock_main_t *main_clock)
void sout_ClockMainSetFirstPcr (vlc_clock_main_t *main_clock, vlc_tick_t pcr)
vlc_clock_tsout_ClockCreate (vlc_clock_main_t *main_clock, const es_format_t *fmt)
void sout_ClockDelete (vlc_clock_t *clock)
void sout_StreamChainDelete (sout_stream_t *p_first, sout_stream_t *end)
static sout_stream_tsout_StreamNewEmpty (vlc_object_t *parent, char *name)
sout_stream_tsout_StreamNew (vlc_object_t *parent, const char *config)
 Allocate an empty Stream Output object.
static sout_stream_tsout_StreamNewModule (vlc_object_t *parent, char *psz_name, config_chain_t *p_cfg, sout_stream_t *p_next)
sout_stream_tsout_StreamChainNew (vlc_object_t *parent, const char *psz_chain, sout_stream_t *sink)
 Creates a complete "stream_out" modules chain.
encoder_tsout_EncoderCreate (vlc_object_t *p_this, size_t owner_size)

Macro Definition Documentation

◆ sout_stream_priv

#define sout_stream_priv (   s)     container_of(s, struct sout_stream_private, stream)

Function Documentation

◆ mrl_Clean()

static void mrl_Clean ( mrl_t p_mrl)

◆ mrl_Parse()

static int mrl_Parse ( mrl_t p_mrl,
const char *  psz_mrl 

◆ sout_InputControl()

int sout_InputControl ( sout_stream_t p_sout,
sout_packetizer_input_t p_input,
int  i_query,

◆ sout_InputControlVa()

static int sout_InputControlVa ( sout_stream_t p_sout,
sout_packetizer_input_t p_input,
int  i_query,
va_list  args 

◆ sout_InputDelete()

int sout_InputDelete ( sout_stream_t p_sout,
sout_packetizer_input_t p_input 

◆ sout_InputFlush()

◆ sout_InputNew()

◆ sout_InputSendBuffer()

◆ sout_NewInstance()

sout_stream_t * sout_NewInstance ( vlc_object_t p_parent,
const char *  psz_dest 

◆ sout_stream_url_to_chain()

static char * sout_stream_url_to_chain ( bool  b_sout_display,
const char *  psz_url 

◆ sout_StreamDelete()

◆ sout_StreamLock()

◆ sout_StreamNewEmpty()

◆ sout_StreamNewModule()

static sout_stream_t * sout_StreamNewModule ( vlc_object_t parent,
char *  psz_name,
config_chain_t p_cfg,
sout_stream_t p_next 

◆ sout_StreamUnlock()