VLC  4.0.0-dev
Data Fields
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Data Fields

uint8_t * p_buffer
 Payload start. More...
size_t i_buffer
 Payload length. More...
uint8_t * p_start
 Buffer start. More...
size_t i_size
 Buffer total size. More...
uint32_t i_flags
unsigned i_nb_samples
vlc_tick_t i_pts
vlc_tick_t i_dts
vlc_tick_t i_length
const struct vlc_block_callbackscbs

Field Documentation

◆ cbs

const struct vlc_block_callbacks* block_t::cbs

Referenced by block_Release().

◆ i_buffer

size_t block_t::i_buffer

◆ i_dts

vlc_tick_t block_t::i_dts

◆ i_flags

uint32_t block_t::i_flags

◆ i_length

vlc_tick_t block_t::i_length

◆ i_nb_samples

unsigned block_t::i_nb_samples

◆ i_pts

vlc_tick_t block_t::i_pts

◆ i_size

size_t block_t::i_size

Buffer total size.

Referenced by block_Check(), block_TryRealloc(), and bo_extend().

◆ p_buffer

uint8_t* block_t::p_buffer

◆ p_next

block_t* block_t::p_next

◆ p_start

uint8_t* block_t::p_start

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