VLC  4.0.0-dev
Data Fields
vout_thread_sys_t Struct Reference
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Data Fields

struct vout_thread_t obj
vout_thread_private_t private
bool dummy
char * splitter_name
float rate
vlc_tick_t delay
video_format_t original
struct {
   vlc_rational_t   dar
   struct vout_crop   crop
struct vout_snapshotsnapshot
vout_statistic_t statistic
vlc_fourcc_t spu_blend_chroma
vout_control_t control
atomic_bool control_is_terminated
vlc_thread_t thread
struct {
   vlc_tick_t   date
   vlc_tick_t   timestamp
   bool   is_interlaced
   picture_t *   decoded
   picture_t *   current
struct {
   vlc_tick_t   last
   vlc_tick_t   timestamp
struct {
   bool   is_on
   vlc_tick_t   date
struct {
   bool   show
   int   timeout
   int   position
bool is_late_dropped
vlc_mouse_t mouse
vlc_mouse_event mouse_event
void * mouse_opaque
bool window_enabled
unsigned window_width
unsigned window_height
vlc_mutex_t window_lock
vout_display_cfg_t display_cfg
vlc_mutex_t display_lock
struct {
   vlc_mutex_t   lock
   bool   changed
   bool   new_interlaced
   char *   configuration
   video_format_t   src_fmt
   vlc_video_context *   src_vctx
   struct filter_chain_t *   chain_static
   struct filter_chain_t *   chain_interactive
struct {
   vout_chrono_t   static_filter
   vout_chrono_t   render
 picture render time estimator More...
vlc_atomic_rc_t rc

Field Documentation

◆ chain_interactive

struct filter_chain_t* vout_thread_sys_t::chain_interactive

◆ chain_static

struct filter_chain_t* vout_thread_sys_t::chain_static

◆ changed

bool vout_thread_sys_t::changed


struct { ... } vout_thread_sys_t::chrono

◆ clock

vlc_clock_t* vout_thread_sys_t::clock

◆ configuration

char* vout_thread_sys_t::configuration

◆ control

vout_control_t vout_thread_sys_t::control

◆ control_is_terminated

atomic_bool vout_thread_sys_t::control_is_terminated

◆ crop

struct vout_crop vout_thread_sys_t::crop

◆ current

picture_t* vout_thread_sys_t::current

◆ dar

vlc_rational_t vout_thread_sys_t::dar

◆ date

vlc_tick_t vout_thread_sys_t::date

◆ dec_device

vlc_decoder_device* vout_thread_sys_t::dec_device

Referenced by vout_Release(), and vout_Start().

◆ decoded

picture_t* vout_thread_sys_t::decoded

◆ decoder_fifo

picture_fifo_t* vout_thread_sys_t::decoder_fifo

◆ delay

vlc_tick_t vout_thread_sys_t::delay

◆ display

vout_display_t* vout_thread_sys_t::display

◆ display_cfg

vout_display_cfg_t vout_thread_sys_t::display_cfg

◆ display_lock

vlc_mutex_t vout_thread_sys_t::display_lock


struct { ... } vout_thread_sys_t::displayed

◆ dummy

bool vout_thread_sys_t::dummy


struct { ... } vout_thread_sys_t::filter

◆ is_interlaced

bool vout_thread_sys_t::is_interlaced

Referenced by PreparePicture(), Thread(), and vout_Start().

◆ is_late_dropped

bool vout_thread_sys_t::is_late_dropped

Referenced by PreparePicture(), and vout_Create().

◆ is_on

bool vout_thread_sys_t::is_on

◆ last

vlc_tick_t vout_thread_sys_t::last

◆ lock

vlc_mutex_t vout_thread_sys_t::lock

◆ mouse

vlc_mouse_t vout_thread_sys_t::mouse

Referenced by ProcessMouseState(), and vout_Start().

◆ mouse_event

vlc_mouse_event vout_thread_sys_t::mouse_event

◆ mouse_opaque

void* vout_thread_sys_t::mouse_opaque

◆ new_interlaced

bool vout_thread_sys_t::new_interlaced

◆ obj

struct vout_thread_t vout_thread_sys_t::obj

◆ original

video_format_t vout_thread_sys_t::original


struct { ... } vout_thread_sys_t::pause

◆ position

int vout_thread_sys_t::position

Referenced by vout_Create(), and vout_DisplayTitle().

◆ private

vout_thread_private_t vout_thread_sys_t::private

◆ rate

float vout_thread_sys_t::rate

◆ rc

vlc_atomic_rc_t vout_thread_sys_t::rc

◆ render

vout_chrono_t vout_thread_sys_t::render

picture render time estimator

Referenced by DisplayPicture(), IsPictureLate(), RenderPicture(), and vout_Create().

◆ show

bool vout_thread_sys_t::show

Referenced by vout_Create(), and vout_DisplayTitle().

◆ snapshot

struct vout_snapshot* vout_thread_sys_t::snapshot


struct { ... } vout_thread_sys_t::source

◆ splitter_name

char* vout_thread_sys_t::splitter_name

◆ spu

spu_t* vout_thread_sys_t::spu

◆ spu_blend

vlc_blender_t* vout_thread_sys_t::spu_blend

◆ spu_blend_chroma

vlc_fourcc_t vout_thread_sys_t::spu_blend_chroma

Referenced by PrerenderPicture(), and vout_Start().

◆ src_fmt

video_format_t vout_thread_sys_t::src_fmt

◆ src_vctx

vlc_video_context* vout_thread_sys_t::src_vctx

◆ static_filter

vout_chrono_t vout_thread_sys_t::static_filter

◆ statistic

vout_statistic_t vout_thread_sys_t::statistic


struct { ... } vout_thread_sys_t::step

◆ thread

vlc_thread_t vout_thread_sys_t::thread

Referenced by vout_Request(), and vout_StopDisplay().

◆ timeout

int vout_thread_sys_t::timeout

Referenced by vout_Create(), and vout_DisplayTitle().

◆ timestamp

vlc_tick_t vout_thread_sys_t::timestamp


struct { ... } vout_thread_sys_t::title

Referenced by vout_Create(), and vout_DisplayTitle().

◆ window_enabled

bool vout_thread_sys_t::window_enabled

◆ window_height

unsigned vout_thread_sys_t::window_height

◆ window_lock

vlc_mutex_t vout_thread_sys_t::window_lock

◆ window_width

unsigned vout_thread_sys_t::window_width

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