VLC  4.0.0-dev
vout_wrapper.h File Reference
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picture_pool_tvout_GetPool (vout_display_t *vd, unsigned count)
 It retreives a picture pool from the display. More...
bool vout_IsDisplayFiltered (vout_display_t *)
picture_tvout_ConvertForDisplay (vout_display_t *, picture_t *)
void vout_FilterFlush (vout_display_t *)
void vout_SetDisplayFilled (vout_display_t *, bool is_filled)
void vout_SetDisplayZoom (vout_display_t *, unsigned num, unsigned den)
void vout_SetDisplayAspect (vout_display_t *, unsigned num, unsigned den)
void vout_SetDisplayCrop (vout_display_t *, const struct vout_crop *)
void vout_SetDisplayViewpoint (vout_display_t *, const vlc_viewpoint_t *)

Function Documentation

◆ vout_ConvertForDisplay()

picture_t* vout_ConvertForDisplay ( vout_display_t vd,
picture_t picture 

◆ vout_FilterFlush()

void vout_FilterFlush ( vout_display_t vd)

◆ vout_GetPool()

picture_pool_t* vout_GetPool ( vout_display_t vd,
unsigned  count 

It retreives a picture pool from the display.

References container_of, count, vout_display_t::fmt, picture_pool_NewFromFormat(), and vout_display_priv_t::pool.

Referenced by VideoBufferNew(), and vout_OpenWrapper().

◆ vout_IsDisplayFiltered()

bool vout_IsDisplayFiltered ( vout_display_t vd)

◆ vout_SetDisplayAspect()

void vout_SetDisplayAspect ( vout_display_t vd,
unsigned  num,
unsigned  den 

◆ vout_SetDisplayCrop()

void vout_SetDisplayCrop ( vout_display_t ,
const struct vout_crop  

◆ vout_SetDisplayFilled()

void vout_SetDisplayFilled ( vout_display_t vd,
bool  is_filled 

◆ vout_SetDisplayViewpoint()

void vout_SetDisplayViewpoint ( vout_display_t vd,
const vlc_viewpoint_t p_viewpoint 

◆ vout_SetDisplayZoom()

void vout_SetDisplayZoom ( vout_display_t vd,
unsigned  num,
unsigned  den