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void input_resource_SetInput (input_resource_t *, input_thread_t *)
 This function set the associated input.
audio_output_tinput_resource_HoldAout (input_resource_t *)
audio_output_tinput_resource_GetAout (input_resource_t *)
 This function creates or recycles an audio output.
void input_resource_PutAout (input_resource_t *, audio_output_t *)
 This function retains or destroys an audio output.
sout_stream_tinput_resource_RequestSout (input_resource_t *, const char *)
 This function handles sout request.
void input_resource_PutSout (input_resource_t *, sout_stream_t *)
vout_thread_tinput_resource_RequestVout (input_resource_t *, vlc_video_context *, const vout_configuration_t *, enum vlc_vout_order *order, enum input_resource_vout_state *vout_state)
void input_resource_PutVout (input_resource_t *, vout_thread_t *, enum input_resource_vout_state *vout_state)
vout_thread_tinput_resource_HoldVout (input_resource_t *)
 This function returns one of the current vout if any.
vout_thread_tinput_resource_HoldDummyVout (input_resource_t *)
 This function returns the dummy vout.
void input_resource_HoldVouts (input_resource_t *, vout_thread_t ***, size_t *)
 This function returns all current vouts if any.
void input_resource_StopFreeVout (input_resource_t *)
input_resource_tinput_resource_Hold (input_resource_t *)
 This function holds the input_resource_t itself.
void input_resource_ResetAout (input_resource_t *)

Enumeration Type Documentation

◆ input_resource_vout_state


Function Documentation

◆ input_resource_GetAout()

◆ input_resource_Hold()

input_resource_t * input_resource_Hold ( input_resource_t p_resource)

This function holds the input_resource_t itself.

References input_resource_t::rc, and vlc_atomic_rc_inc().

Referenced by input_Create().

◆ input_resource_HoldAout()

audio_output_t * input_resource_HoldAout ( input_resource_t p_resource)
the current audio output if any. Use aout_Release() to drop the reference.

References aout_Hold(), input_resource_t::lock_hold, input_resource_t::p_aout, vlc_mutex_lock(), and vlc_mutex_unlock().

Referenced by ViewpointApply(), and vlc_player_aout_Hold().

◆ input_resource_HoldDummyVout()

vout_thread_t * input_resource_HoldDummyVout ( input_resource_t p_resource)

This function returns the dummy vout.

It will be the parent of the future main vout and can be used to pre-configure it.

References input_resource_t::p_vout_dummy, and vout_Hold().

Referenced by vlc_player_vout_Hold(), and vlc_player_vout_HoldAll().

◆ input_resource_HoldVout()

vout_thread_t * input_resource_HoldVout ( input_resource_t p_resource)

This function returns one of the current vout if any.

You must call vout_Release() on the value returned (if non NULL).

References input_resource_t::lock_hold, resource_GetFirstVoutRsc, vlc_mutex_lock(), vlc_mutex_unlock(), vout_resource::vout, and vout_Hold().

Referenced by ModuleThread_NewSpuBuffer(), vlc_player_vout_Hold(), and vlc_player_vout_TriggerOption().

◆ input_resource_HoldVouts()

void input_resource_HoldVouts ( input_resource_t p_resource,
vout_thread_t ***  ppp_vout,
size_t *  pi_vout 

◆ input_resource_PutAout()

◆ input_resource_PutSout()

◆ input_resource_PutVout()

void input_resource_PutVout ( input_resource_t p_resource,
vout_thread_t vout,
enum input_resource_vout_state vout_state 

◆ input_resource_RequestSout()

sout_stream_t * input_resource_RequestSout ( input_resource_t p_resource,
const char *  psz_sout 

◆ input_resource_RequestVout()

◆ input_resource_ResetAout()

◆ input_resource_SetInput()

void input_resource_SetInput ( input_resource_t p_resource,
input_thread_t p_input 

◆ input_resource_StopFreeVout()